Nusa Penida Island is a great spot for travel photographers and panoramic view seekers.
Start your day with convenient pickup directly from your hotel and direct to Sanur Port for your speed boat to Nusa Penida Island.
The first stop in Nusa Penida is the Broken Beach locally name Pasih Uug. It is a lovely 360 degree limestone formation with a cut through arch in between which lets the waves in. It has big natural pool, with about a hundred meters in diameter, created by sea abrasion and collapsed limestone hill in million years ago. This hole has 98 meter in diameter and offering unique and scenic view.
Next to Angel’s Billabong often called Angel of Nusa Penida which located within 5 minutes from Broken beach.
This is another incredible spot with unique limestone formations. The naturally formed rock lagoon offers a scenic seascape.
Angel’s Billabong is natural infinity pool is framed by rock cliffs and hangs out over the ocean overlooking Manta Point Beach.
After that to Kelingking Beach also known as Kelingking Secret Point Beach which top destinations on Nusa Penida.
An incredible hidden beach which framed by towering, steep cliffs, deep turquoise blue waters further embraced by powdery white sand with the most amazing view like heaven on earth.
The secluded beach itself is down a rugged 400m cliffside hike, however the view of Kelingking is arguably more popular than the beach itself.
From the viewpoint, visitors look down onto the white sand enveloped by the famous limestone headland that reaches out into the Indian Ocean.
Where the viewpoint that is hard to believe that it’s real, when you see it for the first time, and 100% guranteed the most spectacular place you will have ever seen.
the last stop in Nusa Penida is Crystal Bay, it combines the attractions of a sandy beach easily accessible by road, a spectacular rock in the middle of the bay and a famous spot for scuba diving or snorkeling. One of the top places in Nusa Penida.
Crystal Bay is an amazing beach in Nusa Penida island. The beach is easily accessible with from Toyapakeh Harbour with a brand new road. The sunset, in front the beach, is one of the most spectacular in Nusa Penida. For all these reasons Crystal Bay is among the top 5 places to see in Nusa Penida island. But you can also spend a nice day there before sunset, enjoying the beach and the sea, or just relaxing in the shade of a parasol. And if you are very lucky you may see dolphins there.
Enjoy walking around and let your foot sense the magic sand before going back to the boat to go back to Sanur.

7:00 AM

60 min.

Nusa Penida

40 min.

Broken Beach


Angel’s Billabong

30 min.

Kelingking Beach

40 min.

Crystal Bay

90 min.

* A child (3-15 y) is calculated as 0.5 Pax.
*Includes:-Comfortable air-conditioned car.
    -speed boat tickets.
    -free drinking water.
    -free beverages and snacks.
    -All tickets, and parking fees.
    -Government tax.
*Trip duration:10-12 hrs
*What to bring: Swimming wear-Hiking footwear-Water resistant bag-Hat-Sunscreen.





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