Gunung Kawi Temple Bali is one of the culture conservation as well as Ubud tourist attractions. The buildings in Gunung Kawi Temple is a Balinese Hindu shrine which built-in 11 century. At Gunung Kawi Ubud Bali, there are shrines which carved on the stone slope at the height of 8 meters with total number 10 reliquaries. The purpose of building this shrines is to worship King Udayana Warmadewa. The interpretation of intent to create Gunung Kawi shrines based on the manuscript found on Gunung Kawi Ubud Bali. Gunung Kawi temple is the oldest and largest ancient landmark monuments in Bali. The temple located at the green river valley bottom, and this makes you need to climb around 272 stairs way from the ticket counter. Don’t worry, and you will not get bored when getting down the stair because the surrounding area offers beautiful scenery of the terrace rice field, rivers, and trees.



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