Kecak Dance is a colossal and magnifique traditional dance, take places in Uluwatu temple during the show you will also experience a magical sunset view from the temple area. And The fire dance is a story of Ramayana enacted in a very dramatic way. The kidnap of Sita by Ravana and finally her reunion with Rama are well enacted. Kids will especially enjoy the character of Hanuman and people will laugh at his entertaining actions. A must see for people who are interested in seeing history come alive.What makes the Kecak and Fire Dance special is that the accompanying music is provided by the human voice, the gamelan suara, a choir of a hundred men or more sitting in concentric circles, swaying, standing up, lying prone as the story develops. Amongst the swaying masses the voices of the storytellers can be heard telling the unfolding tale. The story is a fragment from the Ramayana, the Hindu epic which finds its expression in many forms, not only in dance, but also in painting and carving.



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